The Murdoch Group

What We Do

We buy our gold directly from miners at a discount. Gold doré (95% pure) is a semi-pure alloy of gold and silver that is produced at the mine site and then refined to pure gold bullion (99.99%). We are in a position to offer our clients an opportunity not seen in decades. Gold has the potential for capital appreciation, as its value can increase due to changes in the supply and demand dynamics.

Gold is a finite resource and investing into gold reduces exposure to volatility in the global financial system and other asset classes such as stocks or bonds. Gold has increased in price approximately $20,000 per kilo in the past two years and we feel that there will be further price increases due to volatility in the global financial banking system. While most banks are insolvent around the globe, in 2023 there has already been over 50 bank failures in the United States alone, whereby account holders have lost their capital.

The Murdoch Group invests heavily in gold. We have secured over 5 metric tons (1 metric ton equals 1000 kilograms) stored in secured vaults around the world. Canada, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Ghana.

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