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Process of Refining Gold

Investing in Gold Doré involves purchasing and holding unrefined gold bars that contain impurities, such as silver, copper, and other metals. Here are some examples of investing in Gold Doré:

Buying Gold Doré from mining companies: Refiners prefer to buy Gold Doré directly from mining companies. These companies extract the gold from the mines, purify it to some extent, and then sell it in the form of Gold Doré. Refiners can purchase Gold Doré bars from these companies and hold them as a long-term investment.

Purchasing Gold Doré from Refiners: Another way to invest in Gold Doré is to buy it from a gold refiner. Refiners purchase Gold Doré bars from mining companies, purify them further, and then sell them to investors.

Investing in Gold Doré is a way of investing in raw, unrefined gold that is typically mined from a placer deposit or a gold mine. We purchase Gold Doré directly from a gold mining company then sell the dore to gold refineries at a discount compared to the refined gold prices then the refineries can then sell the Gold Doré to a on the market for a profit.